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Proofreading: The Final Step

Proofreading is the final step in the writing process. It's your last chance to correct mistakes before your readers see them, and the last opportunity to make sure your writing presents the image you want.

Writing errors interfere and compete with your message. They cause hesitation, confusion, and doubt. No matter how good your message is, errors undermine your credibility, driving away readers and potential customers.

You may be tempted to proofread your own writing, but readers will spot the errors you missed. Even the best writers overlook mistakes in their own writing, and they value a fresh set of eyes to proofread their work before publication.

Expert proofreading is essential for successful writing.

Note: If your writing project is not at the final stage, please see Writing and Editing. My full range of editorial services ensures accurate, effective, error-free writing.

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