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Kristi Hein

Satisfied Clients

For over two decades, clients in many fields have relied on me to help them produce accurate, effective, error-free writing. They value my ability to see both the big picture and the smallest detail.

My clients include

   ·  traditional and electronic publishers
   ·  fiction and nonfiction authors
   ·  high-tech companies
   ·  small businesses and individuals
   ·  corporate marketers
   ·  educators
   ·  nonprofits

Please read what my satisfied clients have to say about me. I am proud to have earned their praise.

You'll find a list of clients and projects following their testimonials.

Praise for Kristi Hein

“Thank you again for the great edit and for making the process such a pleasure. We are all happy . . . and amused with your input and additions and asides.”
and after I brainstormed book subtitle ideas for them:
“Thank you so much . . . you really got us to the finish line here!!!”

Carlye Adler, coauthor with Mikkel Svane of
Startupland: How Three Guys Risked Everything to Turn an Idea into a Global Business

"Thanks to my copyeditor, Kristi Hein, for her exacting perspective and thoughtful questions that made this book that much better."

Jeanne Faulkner
Author, Common Sense Pregnancy: Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth for Mother and Baby

"Kristi Hein, our copy editor, carefully and brilliantly made sure to catch and help us address errors, ambiguities, and inconsistencies both large and small."

Tim Flanagan
Author, Leading Forward

"Wiley's lasersharp word samurai, Kristi Hein, expertly copyedited the final manuscript."

Frank Farwell
Author, Chicken Lips, Wheeler-Dealer, and the Beady-Eyed M.B.A: An Entrepreneur's Wild Adventures on the New Silk Road

"A special thanks to our marvelous copyeditor, Kristi Hein, who brought such clarity to our thinking."

Libby Sartain and Mark Schumann Authors, Brand From the Inside: Eight Essentials to Emotionally Connect Your Employees to Your Business

"WOW, YOU'RE GOOD! Thank goodness we had the smarts to send this to you, as the client kept insisting that it was ready to print!"

Barbara Van Gennep
Marketing Communications Manager
Elo TouchSystems

"I did want to be sure and tell you again how much I appreciate your work and how many great catches you have made that make my job so much more manageable! Really stellar job, and I'm so glad you took [Golden Gate Gardening] on."

Rachelle Longé
Project Editor
Sasquatch Books

"Kristi Hein's double-edged approach to editing combines a rich creative sense with well-honed technical expertise: she has both breadth of vision and a nitpicker's eye. I have made countless improvements to my work based on her suggestions, and she has the priceless gift of being able to deliver these suggestions in a manner that is at once direct and delicate."

Brad Newsham
Author, All the Right Places and
Take Me With You: A Round-The-World Journey to Invite a Stranger Home

"I'd like to thank you for the incredible job you did on my book. After your changes, it really came to life. Better than I ever imagined.... [T]hank you so much for your talents and effort."

Fred Pollack
Author, The College Senior's Survival Guide to Corporate America

"Thanks for all your hard work on the [Quicken Store] project. Your calm demeanor has helped move this thing forward in our not-too-calm Internet world."

David Becker
Online Sales Channel
Intuit Inc.

"Kristi has an amazing ability to quickly develop (or mimic) the necessary tone and style for any project on which I've worked with her, whether it be writing, developmental editing, or copyediting. She has a rare ability to see the big picture, yet keep an eye for detail. Every project she has worked on with me has been vastly improved thanks to her keen eye and acute sensibilities. She's a pleasure to work with."

Dave Peattie
Publisher, Whereabouts Press

"I've now finished reviewing your work and I wanted to write and thank you for doing such a great job. Your attention to detail and overall comments were excellent; I'm so pleased that Lorena recommended you.... I'll definitely be in touch for future projects."

Windy Ferges
Project Editor, Raising Financially Fit Kids
Ten Speed Press

"Thanks for the great job you did in helping me put together the right ideas in the right words."

Irv Jasinski
Author, Airline Pilot Interviews: How You Can Succeed in Getting Hired
Head of Airline Pilot Employment Advisors

"You were a great copy editor for our book. You not only caught myriad little errors and inconsistencies in the manuscript, but your insights, suggestions, and wonderful sense of continuity were all invaluable in helping us take the book to a whole new level of excellence."

Todd Walton
Co-author, The Writer's Path

"Kristi has an exceptional ability to notice and question just the right things. Her feedback helped me to put the finishing touches on a technical training program that I was developing. My client's reaction was so unanimously positive that this product became the model for their enterprise-wide learning curriculum."

Bev Manber
Instructional Designer
Lasselle-Ramsay Information Development Services

"Thank you very much for all your diligence and follow-through. I really do appreciate your stick-to-itiveness and your professionalism."

Anni Hmelar
Marcom consultant, creative team leader: Arc & Line, Devicescape, Bytemobile

"Kristi Hein provided invaluable editorial assistance when I was trying to get out Raychem's worldwide Electronics Products Catalog, which just kept growing and growing -- to 375 pages. Her attention to detail and sense of humor made her a valuable addition to our team."

Maryanne Beckford
Senior Editor
Raychem Corporation

"My first impression was amazement. I totally agree with your precise edit. You hit the nail on the head.

"I've attended many writing groups in my time and have never received the clarity of observation that you have shown with your sample edit. My hat's off to you."

Gordon Schrempp

"I got the best compliment today about [your] direct mail marketing letter. One of the bed-and-breakfast inns that I sent the letter to thought it was the best letter he'd ever read. He remembered my name, without the least bit of urging from me. He knew my company name, he knew everything! It was so nice to hear I just wanted to give you the same feelings about your work."

"[Your] marketing letter has people crawling out of the woodwork, it seems! Once again, no more than 20 letters have been sent and I have more than enough jobs."

Jean Mills
Inn Betweeners innsitting service

"Kristi has researched and written hundreds of lively, accurate plant descriptions for several of our garden-related software programs, as well as helped us improve our software in countless other ways. She is a tremendous joy to work with, because of both the quality of her work and the ease of working with her. She has a good sense of when to focus on the details, and when to look at the big picture -- a rare combination.

"In addition to her valuable skills in creating content, her strong computer skills enable her to work effectively with little direction, greatly reducing my stress during the peak of our project cycles. She is bright, artistic, technical, passionate about her work, and able to keep her sense of humor even in the depths of deadline madness. I look forward to working with her in the future!"

Lisa Van Stone
Producer, Sierra On-Line/Books That Work


Some Clients of Kristi Hein, Past and Present

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