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Kristi Hein

Editing: Making Your Writing
the Best It Can Be

Editing is the artful process of shaping a draft manuscript into a final form that clearly conveys what you want to say.

Whether you want your words to explain a procedure, entice a sales prospect, make a case, or tell a tale, my skillful editing bridges the gaps between what you want to say and what your readers need to know.

I edit all kinds of writing for all kinds of readers -- technical specialists and beginners, adults and children, marketers and consumers, product users and those reading purely for pleasure.

As your editor, I can serve you as an expert resource in two key areas: developmental editing and copyediting.

Developmental editing helps establish the best overall structure and organization for a writing project at an early stage. For example, it can mean mapping out the content of a future website, reordering the first draft of a user manual, or bringing order to an author's pile of handwritten notes.

At a later stage, copyediting corrects and clarifies the completed text, word by word, before the transition to published form.

Developmental editing and copyediting are not exclusive processes -- there is clearly wide overlap, and the two can be combined. (See Developmental Editing for an example.)

My clients say they value my ability to see both the big picture and the smallest detail -- and to explain my findings and offer solutions with delicacy, patience, and good humor.

A special note to authors: Before your book or article reaches an audience, your first readers may be agents and publishers. A clean, well-edited manuscript can make the difference between getting a form rejection, and having your work reviewed and chosen for publication.

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