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Kristi Hein

Writing: Putting It Into Words

You have something important to say, and you need help putting it into words.

You have an audience to attract, an opinion to express, information to provide. You have news to broadcast, procedures to explain, a story to tell.

You need to produce a brochure or a newsletter. You want to write an article or even a book. You're developing a website or multimedia title, and you need effective text content.

The possibilities are limitless.

I can put your ideas into words. As a published author, I have a proven record of taking writing projects from initial concept to successful completion for many satisfied clients.

I provide a full spectrum of services:
   ·  original writing and research
   ·  development of existing material
   ·  collaboration
   ·  rewriting

I gather your ideas by correspondence or in conversation. I work with what you have -- notes, outlines, tapes, transcripts, and existing drafts or publications.

I help you determine the right approach for your material and readers. I can expand or model on existing publications. One of my clients says I have "an amazing ability to quickly develop (or mimic) the necessary tone and style for any project."

When research is needed, I tap unique resources and contacts developed over the years.

For samples of my writing, please browse through Selected Writing Projects on the next page.

I invite you to contact me about your writing project. I'll help you clarify your goals and options, and I'll develop a proposal to meet your schedule and budget.

I look forward to creating words that express exactly what you want to say.

Note: If you already have a written draft, please see Editing and Proofreading. My full range of editorial services ensures accurate, effective, error-free writing.

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