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Kristi Hein

Doing Business Is Easy

I enjoy working with my clients to meet their project needs and schedules. I understand the pressure of deadlines, and make every effort to accommodate them.

For large projects, I can offer the fastest turnaround time when you schedule as far in advance as possible. Once I've begun work for you, I will keep you informed on a regular basis.

I guarantee my work to meet the highest professional standards. Period!

Be assured that I will always handle your work with complete confidentiality. I will not give information about you or your project (including your email address) to anyone unless you direct me to do so.

My Fee
My fee reflects the actual time it takes to complete work on a document.

For writing, I base my proposal on your original scope of work. As the document takes shape, you may wish to add -- or omit -- information and features that require more writing time. My final fee is adjusted accordingly.

For editing or proofreading, my fee will not exceed my estimate range unless the document you submit for work differs materially from what you submitted for my estimate. In such a case, I will notify you as soon as possible.

I invoice upon completion of the project, or on a weekly basis if the project runs longer than two weeks. Invoiced charges are due and payable upon receipt. I accept payment by check or money order. For large projects I may require an advance payment.

On-site Editorial Services
I will consider short-term on-site projects in the Skagit County area of Washington state. Please contact me to discuss your needs and schedule.

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