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Free Estimate

For your writing project, I am happy to develop a free proposal based on a discussion of your needs, schedule, and budget. Please contact me for details.

For your editing or proofreading project, it's easy to get a free, no-obligation estimate:

1.   me the following information about the document you need edited or proofread:

   ·  a short description, including the actual or estimated word count of the entire document
   ·  your deadline
   ·  the software and file format, if applicable

2.  Indicate whether you want me to

   ·  work online or on paper 
   ·  check any previous revisions

3.  If your document is not yet complete, indicate the date you expect to have it ready for me to work on.

Sending Computer Files
If your document is a computer file (or files), please do not attach it to your initial email message, as I cannot accept attachments from unknown correspondents. Short documents may be pasted into the body of your message if you prefer. After I have responded to your inquiry, you are welcome to send files.

For Microsoft Word files, please indicate whether you would like me to use revision marks (Track Changes), Comments, or both in your file. I can provide samples of both and help you decide.

Zipping Files
When emailing files, please zip large files. Zipping can dramatically reduce file size without loss or corruption of data. If you're new to zipping, you can easily download shareware, and I'll be happy to guide you through the process.

Web Developers
I provide estimates for both unpublished and published Web pages. For unpublished pages, you can provide printouts or attach the HTML files to your email message. For published pages, please provide the URLs in your message, and be sure to specify whether you want me to review and correct the entire website or only specific pages. Please specify, too, whether you want navigation and links verified.

Sending Hard Copy
Please send a copy, not the original. You may send a representative sample rather than the entire document. When sending a sample, it is important that you indicate the word count of the entire document.

Let me know how to contact you with my estimate: email, phone, or mail.

Note: When you have me proofread on paper, I recommend that you allow time in your schedule for me to proofread the final print after you have made the corrections from my markup. This time is not included in my estimate; however, I can provide a fresh estimate for this work when I submit my markup.

Prompt Reply
In most cases, I provide my estimate within 24 hours. I will notify you if it will take longer.

I usually provide an estimate range. I'll be happy to discuss it, and answer any questions to help you make a decision.

Want to Talk First?
Do you have questions before requesting an estimate? I invite you to contact me. Pick up the phone and call me at 360-293-8476. I look forward to talking with you about your project.

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