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Kristi Hein

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For over two decades, I have provided editorial services for satisfied clients from around the world -- writing and editing words that persuade, inform, instruct, entertain, and inspire.

My clients range from website developers to traditional book publishers, from individual authors to global corporations.

I write, edit, and proofread for a wide range of subjects and media. A few examples:

I invite you to browse through my site for full details about my services, and to contact me about your writing or editing project.

It's easy to send and receive files via email for online editing. See Free Estimate and Online or On Paper.

I look forward to putting my skills and experience to work for you!

-- Kristi Hein

Please bookmark this page and store it under "editorial services."

Web Developers:
Your Words Matter!

How is your website's message coming across? Is your writing accurate, effective, and error-free? Getting it right takes much more than a spell check. A professional website needs a professional editor like me -- with both a grasp of the big picture and a keen eye for detail.

Do your website's pages harmonize and make sense as a whole? I zero in on conflicting information, awkward transitions, broken links, dead ends, anything that could puzzle or frustrate your readers.

Is your text content timely or stale? It's easy to overlook outdated material, especially in larger sites. When visitors read about "future" dates and events that are now in the past, they question the validity of your site's other information.

I identify specific dates and events, and less obvious phrases that have or will become dated -- such as "currently," "we just added," or "coming this spring."

International Clients:
A Special Welcome

I extend a special welcome to clients who speak and write English as a second language. I offer the help you need with English idioms, usage, grammar, and vocabulary. With my expert editing, your writing will be clear, convincing, and natural. I also edit and proofread English translations.

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