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I edit and proofread writing in both electronic and printed forms.

Electronic documents include word-processing, website (HTML), spreadsheet, and database files. You can easily email computer files to me. Please see Free Estimate for details.

I work on your electronic file online and save the corrected file in your original format. If you wish, I will use Microsoft Word's helpful features Track Changes and Comments.

Attention Web developers! Let me edit and proofread your Web pages before you publish them. You may email me your HTML source files or provide printouts of draft pages. I can also review an existing site.

I can check your website as it appears at commonly used resolutions (640 x 480, 800 x 600, and 1024 x 768) in Internet Explorer and mark corrections on a printout. I can also verify navigation and links.

Printed documents (hard copy) include word-processed and desktop-published printouts, galley copies, and printer's proofs.

For proofreading, if you provide a markup showing revisions to a previous version of your document, I first check that all revisions have been made correctly in the new version. Then I go through the entire document to correct errors, ensure consistency, and make sure the whole thing makes sense.

I mark needed changes with standard symbols and flag anything questionable with clear, helpful queries.

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