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Kristi Hein

Kristi Hein

The visual arts have been a constant in my life. In addition to photography, over the years I've happily immersed myself in drawing, painting, jewelry, ceramics, and fabric arts.

While working in Yosemite National Park in 1972, I began making photographs with the gift of an old Retina rangefinder. Since then I've added many professional tools and techniques, but have never lost the original joy of photographic discovery.

The colors and patterns of nature have drawn me across America -- from California's deserts and mountains, to the woods and coast of Maine, to hidden corners of Hawaii.

During twenty-eight years in San Francisco, I found a treasure trove of subjects in the Bay Area -- wild beauty abounding in Golden Gate Park's gardens and lakes, and in shoreline sanctuaries.

Photography became a part of my professional career during video shoots on a four-state pipeline project. In addition to photographing construction and environmental protection, I learned the essentials of photo editing, as I developed a stock collection and provided images for media and agency requests.

For the project commemorative book, Building with Care: The Expansion of the Canada-to-California Pipeline System, I researched and located photographs, and wrote captions. One of my photographs illustrated environmental protection.

I established Pictures & Words in 1995, bringing together my love for both photography and the written word. A recent move to the Pacific Northwest opens up exciting possibilities for new images...

"What about the 'Words'
in Pictures & Words?"

My editorial services are devoted to the pursuit of excellence in writing, editing, and proofreading. I invite you to explore the Words side of Pictures & Words.

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Kristi Hein

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